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Heron's Grace fine Pewter

Hand Poured
Master White Smith

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My pewter is Made by Hand.



Each piece is hand poured one at a time with the finest lead free pewter.


All finishing work is also done one at a time by hand


This ensures the unique look and feel




 and a bright and warm finished piece.                     

















Each is ready to wear, strung on black adjustable cord.



The enclosed description card includes the special message of each design.


The Name: Heron's Grace

There are many Heron types out there. I love them all, the Little Blue Herons, the small Green Herons, the Tricolored Herons, the rare White Herons, and all of the Egrets count as well in the family. But I perhaps love the Great Blue Heron the most. The largest of the Herons, the Great Blue is found in all states. They are certainly a sign of resourcefulness and abundance. Heron's are graceful flyers, gentle, and very patient fishers. They are a wonderful example of living His Grace on earth.



I strive to create images and messages
that will help the wearer wake up to their truest self
and rise higher in Faith.
Often, they capture something stirring within us;
reflecting a course of growth we are being led to.
We are at a time of a great awakening on earth.
For many we are literally in Revelations,
the final call to reconnect with God.

May we each step ever higher on our path
discovering our many God given gifts
and learn to share with others
as we partner with each creating a new world,
the Kingdom on Earth.   God Bless