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Your Path

Items that make you and your day special and realize our paths are wonderfully mixed.


Coffee? What in the world would inspire one to mold coffee beans and pour them in pewter?
Well those of us who relish the warm cup know it's a special moment,
a calm space in what may be a busy day.
A cup of coffee can whisper sweet aromas in our ears and carry us through the day.

Coffee Meditation"

I take a moment,  a deep breath, and create my space. With great focus and intent with purposefulness and grace -  I create the perfect cup of coffee. I take the time  to make it exactly the most spectacularly right with the most tastefulness a cup can behold, precisely the way I like it. Because in this moment, of creating, and sitting . . .  and enjoying, I honor myself. I am deserving of this perfect sip and all the good things that will come my way each  day.      

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